The River City Love Squad

Ministry to the homeless & needy of Louisville, KY

Thanks for giving during Give for Good Louisville!
Thank you to everyone that gave during Give for Good Louisville! We raised over $5,000 in one day with over 100 unique givers! With the bonus money for getting >75 givers, we should be around $6,000!

2018 Thanksgiving Testimonial Service
Monday November 19th we are having our Thanksgiving Testimonial Service. Service starts at 7PM just like a normal service. We will be opening up the mic to hear about how God has helped you this past year and to give Him praise. Please join us!

Altar'd State's Mission Mondays 10% towards RCLS
Altar’d State’s Mission Monday at the Oxmoor Mall donates 10% of their net sales on Mondays to local nonprofits. Thanks to Mindy Watson at Big Church, RIVER CITY LOVE SQUAD will be the recipients from October 15th through the Holidays. God is on the Move. Shop Altar’d State at Oxmoor Mall on Mondays!